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At BNL Tax & Advisory, you are the top priority. We offer the professional services you need to feel secure and successful. 

Fractional CFO

As a small business owner, how does it feel to not understand your financial statements or even know that they are correct? Do you know why your profits are higher or lower than expected? Do you know how to structure your business for a potential sale in the future? We assist with either a monthly, quarterly, or yearly review of your financials, budgets, projections, and all other things financial in your company including tax planning. We will work to help you achieve your company’s financial goals now and into the future.

Tax Compliance

Along with the tax planning and consulting, we will prepare your business and personal tax returns. We understand this process is not always exciting for clients, but we will do our best to complete and educate you about your tax returns. We will do our best to file your return before the tax deadline, however, extending a tax return may be the best route to take. This allows the client and our team team time to gather all the information in order to file an appropriate tax return.

Tax Planning & Consulting

Business owners are often terrified of tax season when they don’t know how much they are going to have to pay in taxes. With our monthly subscription, we will meet with you at least on a quarterly basis. During these quarterly meetings, we will discuss your current company landscape, future goals, determine potential tax implications, and create a tax plan specifically for your business. Knowing your financial and tax situation on a quarterly basis will help you make better business decisions in the future, as well as sleep better at night.


Bookkeeping is not a commodity, it is value. Good numbers lead to good decisions. Allow our experienced accounting team to assist you in handling your monthly transactions and produce monthly and yearly financials. By delegating this important task, you will be able to focus on driving value in your business instead of wasting precious hours on back office work. Our bookkeeping subscription will help you know exactly what you are spending and not receive any surprise bills.

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